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Welcome to the Music Film Network JukeBox Channel

The Music Film Network sources, manages, distributes, markets and promotes music films and events in cinemas – anything music related from documentaries to recorded live performances, live events via satellite and more – basically, anything that isn’t a traditional film release. Our experience ranges over several years and our team has been responsible for some of the biggest music film releases over the past few years.


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I Need A Dodge: Joe Strummer On The Run

I Need A Dodge: Joe Strummer On The Run

The Clash frontman Joe Strummer was a leading figure in the punk movement of the 1970s, and arguably one of the most important and influential figures in rock and roll history. After the dissolution of the band in the 1980s, the singer-songwriter travelled the world searching for new musical influences. On a Spanish radio show in 1997 Strummer mentioned a classic Dodge that he somehow misplaced in Madrid. Through interviews with Strummer’s close friends and members of 091, Radio Futura and The Clash, director Nick Hall investigates what Strummer was doing in Spain at the time, and what happened to his Dodge.

Documentary   |   68 min   |  Released 1st Feb 2015

Directed by: Nick Hall



A Message To The World

Jesse Hector is an office cleaner, but not many people on the 33 bus that he catches to work every morning, know about his rock n roll career spanning 50 years. He inspired the British punks in '76 with his legendary stage shows and his space age mod look. The film charts his rise and fall from fame and attempts to unravel the mystery of 'what ever happened to Jesse Hector and the Hammersmith Gorillas.' Mutton-chopped Jesse Hector was a permanent fixture in the English music press of the mid-Seventies with accounts of the electrifying live performances of his band The Gorillas. Jesse has always believed in the revolutionary and rejuvenating power of Rock n roll. The cover of The Gorillas album showed his band of space ace Mods hurtling towards earth on a meteorite to save the world with rock n roll - and his belief in music is as strong today as it ever has been. He now works as a cleaner at The Hackney Empire and The Royal Geographcal Society. This documentary follows him as he journeys around London and retraces fifty years of rock n roll - skiffling at the 2 Is in Old Compton Street at the age of 12, playing guitar with Mod Freakbeat legends The Clique, fronting proto-punk bruisers Crushed Butler and The Hammersmith Gorillas and attempts to find out, as the NMEs Roy Carr wrote in 1977, Whatever Happened To Jesse Hector?

Documentary   |   40 min   |  Released 1st Jun 2014

Directed by: Caroline Catz

Starring: Jesse Hector

A Message To The World



Adam Ant: The Blueback Hussar

Adam Ant: The Blueback Hussar

This film captures pop star Adam Ant’s extraordinary, brave come-back after years of mental health problems. In Adam’s new persona, ‘The Blueblack Hussar’, he embarks on his first tour for 15 years - ‘The Good, the Mad and the Lovely World Tour of London’ - performing at small London clubs and culminating with an audience of 55,000 at Hyde Park. Exposing Adam’s multi-layered personality through the characters he connects with on his journey, Adam meets up with Amy Winehouse producer, Mark Ronson and reunites with Pop Artist Allen Jones, his art student days mentor. Then, after a tumultuous 100 Club show, he escapes to Paris to record with his ‘Bardoesque’ backing singer, where he is visited by actress, Charlotte Rampling, who inspired his first album, ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’. Jack Bond, one of Britain’s most innovative directors, returns to the Cinema Verite roots of his 1965 film, ‘Dali in New York’ to portray the creative talent of another ‘mad genius’, Adam Ant.

Documentary   |   99 min   |  Released 1st Sep 2013

Directed by: Jack Bond

Starring: Adam Ant, Charlotte Rampling



Basically, Johnny Moped

Formed in 1974 by a group of school friends from Croydon, Johnny Moped were the band fronted by, and named after the enigmatic Paul Halford (aka Johnny Moped). By 1977 the group found themselves at the heart of the burgeoning punk scene in London and for a brief moment even looked like contenders. ‘When I first met Johnny,’ Captain Sensible - the band’s original guitarist - says, ‘I just thought, this guy is a bundle of frenetic energy; he’s a megastar waiting to happen.’ By 1978, after an intense year of activity, the band were completing their first record with Chiswick Records and things were looking promising. But whilst adding the final touches to the record, Johnny - who had recently married - started to become evasive as his mother-in-law exerted pressure on him to leave the group. “In the end we had to basically kidnap him every time we had a gig or needed to record!’ said Dave Berk, the bands drummer. Despite being able to count both Chrissie Hynde and Captain Sensible as past members, success was not to come their way and Johnny Moped are now largely forgotten - punk rock’s great lost band! Their story is however a fascinating one that, along with some of the era’s most innovative music deserves to be heard.

Documentary   |   77 min   |  Released 1st Oct 2013

Directed by: Fred Burns

Starring: Johnny Moped, Chrissie Hynde, Captain Sensible

Basically, Johnny Moped



Big Star - Nothing Can Hurt Me

Big Star - Nothing Can Hurt Me

It is hard to imagine a world without Big Star, the seminal power pop act whose intense guitar-driven pop songs influenced generations of musicians, from REM and The Flaming Lips to Primal Scream and Teenage Fanclub to name but a few. Despite never receiving the commercial attention they deserved in their initial 1970s incarnation, Big Star’s music proved so vital that it granted the band a resurgence decades later. Combining never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews and more Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is a feature-length documentary film about the dismal commercial failure, subsequent massive critical acclaim and enduring legacy of pop music’s greatest cult phenomenon. Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is a story of artistic and musical salvation.

Documentary   |   120 min   |  Released 1st Mar 2012

Directed by: Drew DeNicola

Starring: Chris Bell, Jody Stephens, Alex Chilton



Acoustic Routes

With Billy Connolly at the helm and an amazing cast, including Brownie McGhee, Davey Graham, Anne Briggs, Ralph McTell, Martin Carthy, John Renbourn, Hamish Imlach, Jacqui McShee, and Al Stewart, ACOUSTIC ROUTES is the story of one of world’s most influential musicians Bert Jansch. Influenced by raw blues and with a bewildering technique, Jansch fashioned sublime interpretations of traditional and blues music on the acoustic guitar, a technique that set him apart from his contemporaries and established him as a pivotal innovator of the new acoustic guitar movement. The result was music that had a profound influence on generations of musicians including Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Page, and continues to inspire today’s musicians.

Documentary   |   102 min   |  Released 1st May 2013

Directed by: Jan Leman

Starring: Bert Jansch, Billy Connolly

Acoustic Routes



Between Dog And Wolf

Between Dog And Wolf

New Model Army have been one of the biggest underground music artists for over quarter of a century. To their global community of fans they mean everything. Yet mainstream success has so far eluded them. This film is the story of the band and in particular their charismatic and unconventional lead singer, songwriter and founder Justin Sullivan. His refusal to compromise his principles has meant that his audience has stayed loyal, and their support has helped the band endure some difficult moments. This is a very human story of a man who began life in a liberal Quaker family, yet turned his back on this and headed to Bradford where he met his muse. He found like-minded musicians and formed the band which connected with the mood of anger in Thatcher’s Britain, and quickly rose to prominence. Then as international success is within their grasp, the relationship with Justin’s song-writing partner Robb Heaton founders, and he subsequently dies in tragic circumstances. But it is when the band lose their studio and all their equipment, that Justin finally comes to terms with the ghosts of his past and pursues the new radical approach to making music which results in what many consider the band’s finest album.

Documentary, Music   |   92 min   |  Released 7th Nov 2014

Directed by: Matt Reid

Starring: New Model Army



The Birth Of Anarchy - Punk 76

Sex, Drugs, Clothes & Rock ‘n’ Roll. Along with a strong dash of political dissent added to the mix, every ingredient was present in the Molotov cocktail that was Punk in ’76. Punk would go on to turn popular culture on its head and divide the United Kingdom in the Queen’s silver Jubilee year; but it was born at a small shop - 430 Kings Road, London. With its slogan - ‘rubberwear for the office’ - Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s SEX shop was the melting pot that brought London’s fashionistas, rebels, musos, kinksters and petty criminals together. It spawned the punk movement and its cultural vanguard - The Sex Pistols. This new documentary explores the key personalities, events and cultural vacuum that led to punk’s inception. Forty years after its humble beginnings in the SEX shop , punk still rages with a fiery mixture of youthful intensity and experienced retrospectives from contributors Tony James, Charlie Harper, Glen Matlock, Gene October, Jon Savage, Jah Wobble, Caroline Coon, Peter Gravelle, Steve Severin and many more.

Documentary   |   85 min   |  Released 1st Sep 2013

Directed by: Mark Sloper

The Birth Of Anarchy - Punk 76



East End Babylon

East End Babylon

From the heaving masses living around the largest docks in the world, to the bombs that flew through world war two, 'East End Babylon' takes us on a journey through smoky boxing clubs, battles on the terraces and piss stained boozers as three dead end kids formed a band that would be the last word in rock’n’roll savagery. Mistrusted and misunderstood by the rock elite and media, the Rejects were one of a kind – the first band to combine rock’n’roll and football, and imbued with a ‘take no shit’ attitude, which has often been copied but never equalled. Follow the band and its road crew of West Ham’s infamous I.C.F hooligans as they take their furious brand of rock’n’roll on the road, resulting in running battles with Nazis, rival football firms, legendary Top of the Pops performances, culminating in the vicious ‘battle of Birmingham’ which finished the band as a touring unit. Witness the redemption as the Rejects, now a worldwide cult whose music has influenced some of the biggest bands on the planet, play to hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe, uniting kids from all backgrounds with their particular brand of rock and football. Come and feel the mighty heart that beats to the sound of rivet hammers on a background of claret and blue. This is East End Babylon.

Documentary   |   104 min   |  18  |  Released 1st Nov 2012

Directed by: Richard England

Starring: Jeff Stinky Turner, Micky Geggus, Vince Riordan



Lawrence Of Belgravia

As lead singer with Felt, Lawrence was responsible for some of the most precious music of the 1980s. On touchstone indie labels such as Cherry Red and Creation, the band released ten albums and ten singles - one for each year of the decade. Though few releases troubled the charts, Felt's cult status was assured and a mission of sorts was accomplished. Lawrence went on to form Denim and Go Kart Mozart, bands that revelled in referencing 1970s glam and novelty rock while slyly critiquing the contemporary pop scenes. There's been an air of tragi-comedy about Lawrence's career at times. Felt were bumped from the cover of the NME when editors favoured a blacked-out cover to illustrate a feature on youth suicide, while Denim's infectious 1997 single 'Summer Smash' was scratched from radio playlists when it was released in the week Princess Diana died. Paul Kelly's intimate, smart doc portrait, a labour of love filmed over eight years, follows Lawrence between Go Kart Mozart albums, weighed down by the chips on his shoulders while still dreaming of being a pop star who rides in limousines and dates supermodels. He appears as, perhaps, he always has; a man out of time, touched by rare genius.

Documentary   |   86 min   |  15  |  Released 1st Oct 2012

Directed by: Paul Kelly

Starring: Lawrence

Lawrence Of Belgravia



Turning: Antony And The Johnsons

Turning: Antony And The Johnsons

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