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Welcome to the Continent Film, Germany JukeBox Channel

VISION is a new independent distribution label created by Continent Film GmbH, a leading German tv-theatrical distributor est. in 1986 and producer/co-producer of cult films, family entertainment and arthouse films.

Continent Film has worked in 30 years on hundreds of award winning feature films produced in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South America and the US and is also known as a home for new talent and unusual creative ideas. Directors include Monty Python, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Julian Doyle, Stephen Frears, Neil Jordan, Peter Greenaway, Werner Herzog, John Carpenter, Marco Ferreri, Claude Chabrol and Claude Lelouch. We develop, produce and distribute unusual independent films as much as family entertainment, fantasy films, arthouse, documentary, classics, animation and tv series. Animation films include “The Last Unicorn”, “Care Bears”, Raymond Briggs’ “When The Wind Blows”, “Fungus The Bogeyman”, “Fritz The Cat” and “Watership Down”.

We love cinema and believe that independent films should be different, creative and distinctive to be distinguishable and promotable in a highly competitive media world.


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Angels In Notting Hill

Christopher Lee stars twice in his last film, a magical urban fairytale about angels, humans and human angels. Lee delivers two brilliant voice performances as the boss of the universe and Mr. President, a sarcastic toy dog. A surreal, poetic love story between a short-tempered young angel trainee and her stubborn client, a lonely dreamer in Notting Hill. Her mission is to rescue him, but he falls in love with her. Life gets out of control. Now miracles happen every day and nothing is what it seems - not even the angel herself. “Christopher Lee’s last film.” - Screen Daily. "Christopher Lee's legacy of love and peace" - Filmecho. “A feel good movie and a hommage to the spirit of old Notting Hill” - Ulrich Gregor, co-founder Berlin FilmFestival. Music by Grammy nominee Sacred Spirit/B-Tribe and rock legend Quintessence.

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance   |   99 min   |  Released 30th Sep 2016

Directed by: Michael Pakleppa

Starring: Selma Brook, Tina Gray, Ryan Mercier, Christopher Lee (voice), Stefanie Wallis, Renee Castle, Angus Brown, Vadim Kosmos



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